Thursday, August 15, 2013

No Job Now What

I lost my job. I am was a teacher. I really liked my job. I complained about it, dreaded it some days, believed I was grossly under-paid but I really liked my job. I loved my students and my co-workers.  I have been teaching for about 8years and This spring my principal called me in and told me they were letting me go because student enrollment was down and they couldn't afford to pay me.   I knew layoffs were coming I just didn't think it would be me.  So, I had faith. I'm a good teacher I will find something. Summer is over teachers are back at work and sadly  I didn't find anything.

I am now wrapped in fear that I will be unemployed indefinitely.  Since all my teacher friends trekked back to work on Monday. I have had an increasing fear about what is going to happen to me.  So to keep from going crazy I am going to write the blog. Trying to unwrap the fear gripping my heart and stand in faith like my mother has taught me to do.


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