Saturday, September 7, 2013

Job Search

The fact that I have a degree means nothing in 2013.  I am either over qualified or under qualified for every job Ive applied to is starting to get me down.

I need to think about some serious rebranding of my skills.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Trials of Job

There was a man in the land of Uz, named Job who loved God and avoided evil.  He had a very great household with 7 son and 3 daughters. So perfect was Job that the devil tried to turn him away from God.  So began the trials...Poor Job lost everything. I mean EVERYTHING! House,kids,cattle, and sheep.  Never once did Job give in and forsake God. So, the story goes eventually because of his sacrifice God returned to Job everything he lost and more. 
 Today, I felt a lot like Job.
Since the 1st day of school things have gone haywire daily .
Day 1 they lose my daughter
Day 2 I lose it on the campus police while buckling her seat belt
Day 3 Same cop Same issue
Day 4 Almost smooth nope. She didn't eat says I didn't pack a lunch and I have an altercation with a parent 
Day 5 Hubby picks her up and say I understand your frustration  Now, I know I can be quick tempered and I was thinking it was me until hubby did pick up and said yeah its manic.  
  So today almost broke me. I said yeah ride the bus because my spirit cant handle car pooling.  The bus driver dropped her off at the wrong stop.  I didn't know until a lady called me and said are you Georgia's mom? Yes!?.  We have her in our office at XYZ Elem.  I'm on my way.
So yes I believe the devil/demons are trying to break my spirit.  I am not letting them do it.  I refuse to cave in and give up.  We will work through the madness.


Get on the Bus....Georgia?

Since the 1st week of school made all my crazy bubble to the surface I decided to let my daughter ride the bus home.  She asked me daily if she was riding the bus so I caved.  It was slightly self serving since I admit I am not cut out for that carpool life.  Like the worrier that I am I penned her bus card securely to her backpack and told her repeatedly in the morning she was riding in the afternoon.

I hope this works out better for me. She's a big girl and can handle a little freedom.  Me or Granny will be there to take of off the bus. I can also save about a tank of gas a week. Sitting in the Texas heat I was burning about a 1/4 tank of gas waiting on school to get out on A/C.

I wonder how other moms deal with sending their kids to school for the 1st time.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

It's Labor Day weekend and I really didn't do much. I couldn't sleep and my mind would not stop jumping around from scenario to scenario with job opportunities and possibilities. I'm lucky for really good friends that keep me laughing and upbeat.